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Maintenance & Repair

Ensuring that the products you use in your location are working at 100% efficiency is vital for improving productivity and also staying safe. With CS FITNESS EQUIPMENT, you can have access to a team who can help you look after your products whilst also keep them in their finest form, including;

  • Equipment Diagnosis & Repair – We’ll hunt down the inner problem and correct it before it can become an issue that limits your chances of success when using your hardware. Use this service to help you stay on track and avoid any delays in your progress with local repair teams now available.
  • Warranty Management – Got warranty on any CS FITNESS EQUIPMENT product purchased? Then you can use our services to manage that warranty. We can help you through the process to make sure you get the best response that you possibly can, thus improving your chances of managing your chances of progress and success.
  • Preventative Maintenance – All problems start with negligence, and we can help you avoid this problem before it ever gets out of hand. With service agreements and maintenance, we can semi-regularly get involved to maintain 100% performance from your chosen equipment.
  • Parts Sourcing – Need to replace a part on your fitness equipment but don’t want to get a total replacement? Then we can help you source the correct parts to make the fix, always using trusted vendor with proven reputations.
  • Supplemental Products – These products will be the perfect way to help make the most of the equipment that you do have.